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If you have been trading for sometime you will come to realize that  more trades does not mean more profits. In fact, if you can control your urge to trade and cut down on number of loss trades your profitability will improve dramatically.

More important than that, you start to become a better trader as you will start to have confidence in whatever trading systems that you are using instead of forever trying more indicators, one after another or looking for a profitable trading strategies or systems, wasting more time and loads of money.

Like all traders, I have been there.

I thought I can never make money trading forex and nearly gave up until I found

the No 1 Secret while doing extensive and detailed analysis of my past trades.

The No 1 Secret I found was not to trade when I am not suppose to trade.
This seems to be an obvious thing to do.

However, most beginner traders are not even aware that there are periods where whatever indicators, robots or trading systems they are using are likely to give false signals and therefore lead to many bad trades.  For those who are aware, being new they are already saddled with so many new things to learn and cope with and more often than not the discipline to check on and not trade in these no-go period are ignored.  This is the foremost reason that most beginner traders lose money and lose confidence as they are bewildered that the indicators and / or trading systems they learnt that seems to work perfectly in class does not work in practice.

So what are these no-go periods

News events

Beginning and ending of trading sessions

Beginning and ending of trading weeks

Lunch period in each trading sessions

Even experienced traders who know this No 1 Secret

find it difficult and a big hassle to track these no-go periods while trading as it involved switching in and out of MT4 and there are just too many such periods in a trading day to track manually !


Imagine how much you more profitable you will be if there is a system that will automatically enforce these no-go period! 

We are in the process of developing such a MT4 Calendar Indicator or MT4 Calendar Plugin that will automatically download news updates, track all no-go period ( configurable by user input parameters ) of active traded currency pairs, automatically sync with your trading server time and automatically disable manual trading and auto trading by expert advisors and automatically enabling trading after the user defined no-go periods are over.

Strict adherence to this trading discipline, based on my research will eliminate bad trades drastically and improved trading win rates by at least 50%.

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